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Fauno Buyerot | Somantor Chakma | Nisha | Official Chakma Music Video 2022

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Official Music Video of 'Fauno Buyerot' by Somantor Chakma

Singer : Somantor Chakma
Lyricist & Composer : Anabir Chakma
Script and Direction : Somantor & Film Lab
Music : Tytan & Halog ( Pillow Records )
Starring : Somantor Chakma, Nisha Chakma
Drone : Sony & Dip
Logo of stcmusic : Madhab Chakma
Cinematography & Edit : Dip & Juel (Film Lab)
Fashion Partner : The Fairy Tale ( Pinon Khadi & Ornaments )
Sozpodor (White Grown )
This content's Copyright is reserved for Somantor Chakma. Any unauthorized reproduction, redistribution or re-upload is strictly prohibited of this material. Legal action will be taken against those who violate the copyright of the following material presented.

© 2022 Somantor Chakma. All Copyrights Reserved.

Special Thanks to Jiten Chakma (KNSI), Bithika Chakma, Soumitro Chakma ,Samapti Chakma, Tenzing Chakma, Mishi Chakma, Brigu Rai ,Biplab Barua, Novonil Chakma, Madhab Chakma, Sony Chakma, Dhiraj Tanchangya, Debasmita Chakma, Jibon Dewan, Prottoy Chakma

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